Thank Kaminska showed the family pictures

Слава Каминская показала семейное фото

The singer is very often pleases fans.

The famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska continues to delight followers with new images and videos.

The singer is very often pleases fans on his page in social network Instagram different staging or home pictures and videos.

So, this time the actress published just such a staged photo. In the picture, which appeared in the account of Fame, she poses in an unusual manner.

The fact that the stars in the social network Instagram appeared a picture in which she poses with her son.

So, in the presented frame of the star showed herself in a long gown, without makeup and with her hair. Beside her stands and her son in a bright yellow suit, looking serious in front of him.

“Fancy going clubbing” – jokingly noted under the photo star.

Слава Каминская показала семейное фото


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