Thank Kaminska showed themselves to plastic surgery

Слава Каминская показала себя до пластических операций

The singer urged women to love themselves and care for themselves.

The soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska does not hide from the public that did plastic surgery. In addition, the singer showed their archived images, demonstrating that now looks better.

A collage of photos Kaminska posted in your profile. Before she admitted she made two plastic surgeries: changed the breast size from the first half on a solid third and corrected the shape of the nose.

“In the mirror usually don’t notice changes, but they sent me this collage and I realized that doing everything right. Do not be afraid of time, in my case, for example, it is good. Appear brains, comes wisdom and you realize that perepalennye almost red hair still did not crash. In fact, as eyebrow-strings or arrows thick as a finger!”– wrote Thank.

“You can’t even imagine how your face can do to change the shape of the eyebrows. No need to buy another jeans – fashion is changing. It is better to buy vitamins for hair, for example. Invest in yourself, it pays off in 99% of cases,” said Kaminska.

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