Thank Kaminska told how she was offered to have an abortion

The star candidly told how it relates to abortion

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Thank Kaminska – singer, member of the group “NEANGELY” for several years, happily married to a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. The couple are raising two children. But Kamina at the time, offered to terminate a pregnancy. About it the actress said in the program “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

After giving birth to her beloved son Leonard, Thank soon found out she was pregnant a second time. To a journalist’s question “Sarcofago the way”, have you ever idea when I got pregnant – maybe an abortion? The star replied:

“Never in my life. God forbid. Never in my life. On the contrary, I had a very difficult pregnancy, I have at some time found a little problem. And I was told that perhaps it would be better to have an abortion. But after talking, I said that I will not do that. If it really is some big problem, we will solve it as income. And never in my life. I never did and for me it is difficult to understand how, ” says Glory, and adds that, if you get pregnant again to give birth.

Слава Каминская рассказала, как ей предлагали сделать аборт

Thank Kaminska

Recently, the Glory which was always completely honest with their fans and followers in social networks, became less to advertise personal life. And it also has its own reasons.

“I noticed a couple of times – here’s how to put up small – definitely snot, or something else. That is what this negative feature, the evil eye, perhaps something else. And my husband is constantly exposes the children. Well, I want to, sometimes the pictures done – they are app so…But now trying to put less,” says Kaminska on the channel “Ukraine”.

Watch the program “Sravi way” on air of TV channel “Ukraine”.

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