Thanked for criticizing his hospital’s handling of COVID-19

Thanked for criticizing his hospital’s handling of COVID-19

An American emergency physician says he was fired from the hospital that employed him after criticizing the establishment’s management of COVID-19.

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On November 22, Dr. Cleavon Gilman said on Twitter that the regional hospital in Yuma, Arizona, was running out of resuscitation beds.

“I came back from work and we were told that there are no more resuscitation beds available. What happened to the 175 beds? We do not seem to have enough staff to accept patients. ”

At the time of Dr Gilman’s tweet, 90% of intensive care beds were occupied according to state health services.

The next day, Envision Healthcare, which manages the staff of the hospital, reportedly told him that he was fired.

“It happens to hundreds of emergency physicians across the country. We need a law to protect us. Hospitals cannot tell doctors not to return to work this way, ”denounced the emergency physician.

The Yuma regional hospital eventually reacted to the growing controversy on Thursday.

Speaking of a “misunderstanding,” management said the doctor was on schedule for next week.

“Of course the COVID-19 situation is serious in the country. We respect Dr. Gilman’s right to share his perspective on the pandemic. But we are a small community and the hospital is keen to protect the confidentiality of its patients, ”the hospital said in a statement.

The doctor responded on Twitter by saying he was unaware of his return to work, and confirmed to the Arizona Republic that he was still not working.

Earlier this month, Gilman, who is an Iraq War veteran, received a call from President-elect Joe Biden thanking him for his work on the frontlines of the pandemic.

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