“Thanks men, I became who I am”: TAYANNA has frankly told about the former

The singer with tears in her eyes, remembered how she was beaten by ex-boyfriend

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"Благодаря мужчинам, я стала тем, кто я есть": TAYANNA откровенно рассказала о бывших

TAYANNA openly talked about their former

Ukrainian singer TAYANNA, who confessed why she left Philip Kolyadenko, told the story of his personal life. About the problems with the producer, the beatings and the failure of the show “Golos Krainy” the actress recalled in the first issue of “Tancu z with stars”, which was held on Sunday, August 25 on channel “1+1”.

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TAYANNA admitted that in some sense are thankful to the past because it has influenced who she is today. The singer remembered the toxic relationship with producer Dmitry Klimashenko, who humiliated her.

“I thought that can’t sing, can’t dance, nor what can not, because that’s what he said”, – said TAYANNA.

Star said the other axe, which dared to raise a hand against a woman. “Then we met the man who became the father of my child. He could just raise his hand to me. It was difficult,” with tears in his eyes says the actress and adds Only the men, I became who I am.”

TAYANNA proudly talks about how her perseverance helped her achieve the goal and the second time to get to the project “the Voice”, where the star took the second place. “It was proof that you should never give up,” concluded the singer.

On the eve TAYANNA told the truth about her ex-husband who’s Dating Ani Lorak.

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