That rider Nastya Kamenskih: exclusive details

In the framework of the report “Working with the star: what remains behind the scenes” team NK told that have for the singer in the stash

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Что в райдере Насти Каменских: эксклюзивные подробности

Nastya Kamensky

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which boasted a figure in a bikini at an Italian resort, and tries hard to maintain his body in good physical shape and carefully to follow the diet. About how Nastia possible to keep the regime in power, and that its rider, exclusively for “Today” said team NK-team.

Watch the video about how Nastya Kamensky and Potap rest in the company of stellar friends:

According to aides of the singer, with such a busy schedule, such as 12-hour shoot in the pavilion, the NK team is watching closely to Nastya Kamensky ‘s timely eaten: “It is our responsibility to follow the schedule of shots. But sometimes we ask the producers of the show to take a short break to Nastya quickly had a bite”.

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As it turned out, outside of filming and touring Nastya Kamensky usually collects sudochki food and not eating in restaurants. Mostly, she prefers buckwheat, chicken, fish and vegetables. The rider of the actress is no-frills. Is that coffee of a certain brand, avocado and coconut milk instead of cow.

“And we have always had a “stash” in the form of nuts. Favorite Nastia, almond,” say her assistant.

Earlier, the team Nastya Kamenskih told me how NK work as she conquers the peaks of show business, and most importantly — who is behind her success.

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