“That zvazheni schaslivi 9”: famous singer needed the help of the show

"Зважені та щасливі 9": известной певице понадобилась помощь шоу


The authors of the popular show, which radically changes the lives of Ukrainians, “Weighted and happy” prepared for the new, ninth season a lot. Already wrote about the fact that the place leading the project again took Anita Lutsenko, and the coaches were Marina Borzhemsky and Irakli Makatsaria. And viewers will see the star parties.

About it reports TV channel STB

Axtala know that the new season of the competition this time will be personal and everyone will answer for himself.

"Зважені та щасливі 9": известной певице понадобилась помощь шоу


And recently became aware of another surprise. One of the participants of the new season, was a Ukrainian Opera singer Alyona Grebenyuk, who was on a project for my daughter. At the initial weigh-in scales sacuvali 95 kg with the weight begins to fight Alain.

"Зважені та щасливі 9": известной певице понадобилась помощь шоу


“I decided to participate because of my daughter, because I have it too chubby. I want to show by example that it is not so bad, all you can achieve through your own efforts and willpower. When I lose the draft and get home, she will see my beautiful result and also tighten. I won her in every way to help with the already correct knowledge that will get here,” says the singer.

"Зважені та щасливі 9": известной певице понадобилась помощь шоу

Although, according to the singer, the victory is key in this fight, but halfway stop, the star will not, and here’s why:

“Winning is not important, but never specifically to do anything, to lose. If I know that I can exert maximum effort in order to achieve this goal, we will make every pot”.

What will be the results of weight loss, viewers will see the fall of 2019.

Recall, the main bachelor of the country gathered for a “Balanced and happy”.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, star coaches show “Weighted and happy” told the whole truth about the difficult divorce after two decades, prodita together.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the finalists, “she zvazheni schaslivi” became parents.


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