“That zvazheni schaslivi”: who left the project in the final

"Зважені та щасливі": кто покинул проект в шаге от финала

today, 20:42

Was held the sixteenth edition of the most weighty and the magical project of the country, “she zvazheni schaslivi”. This week Anita sent participants to the resort. But, of course, not the sun, and in the best tradition of “Svajena Malevich”.

They also visited my first social event in the company of stars and journalists – press screening of the first release of the project.

At the end of the week, under the new rules, after weighing the nomination came one couple who lost the least, is Luda and Sasha from team yellow (took off 2 kg and 3 kg, respectively).

"Зважені та щасливі": кто покинул проект в шаге от финала

The final brown Tamara and Jack and rose Natasha Pasha. Both pairs have voted for that in the camp there were Lyudmila.

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Reached the final camp weight loss left yellow sash. Camp weight loss it came with a weight of 167 kg, after sixteen weeks in the project – 115 kg.

We will remind, party “that zvazheni schaslivi” after a hard contest, left the project.

As reported Know. ua participants, “she zvazheni schaslivi” get “magic pendel” from the judges.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the coach “that zvazheni schaslivi” Anita Lutsenko has dyed her hair a bold color.

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