That's enough!

Çthat's enough!


We use the suffix “-phobe” a lot in 2023. 

Xeno-phobes, Islamo-phobes, fat-phobes, trans-phobes, homophobes, etc. But do you know this new word, which is in Robert and Larousse: nomophobe?

“ Said of someone who cannot do without their mobile phone and feels excessive fear the idea of ​​being separated from it or not being able to use it”.

It comes from English: no mobile (without cell).

And it is this disease, this phobia, which explains why there are so many spectators who piss everyone off by keeping their cellphones open during shows.


Wednesday, in my column, I told you about this play I attended and where cell phones rang three times. There's nothing there!, Guy Nantel told me, at QUB radio. During one of his comedy shows, a cell rang in the room, the spectator answered and commented: “I'm at Guy Nantel's show. Yeah, it's not that bad. 

A few years ago, in 2015, comedian Benedict Cumberbatch played Hamlet at the theater. Leaving the premiere, he made a point of addressing the fans who had come to see him… to yell at them, because he had seen cell phones filming him all evening. 

“I can see the cameras, I can see the red lights in the room. It's obvious and it's appalling. There's nothing less supportive and enjoyable for a comedian than being on stage and experiencing it.”

Cumberbatch was even able to tell that a camera had him filmed at such a seat in such a row. To be or not to be a disruptor, that is the question. To have or not to have civic sense, that is also the question.

But it's not just cell phones. There are also these h$%$% of c@#$%$#$ of t#$%$#$% of small digital watches, iWatch and others, which light up at the slightest gesture. 

Who could have imagined that one light (or ten or forty) that turns on in the middle of a room plunged into darkness, wouldn't bother the people around?

Hey, don't you don't try to close your watch before the show? Do you really need to know what time it is, how many steps you've taken in your day, and what's the last must-see cat video in the middle of a show?


A month ago, it was singer Renaud's turn to freak out. There are instructions prohibiting filming and photographing his show, ” at the entrance to the hall and just before the start of the concert “, specify the French media. 

But in concert in Lille on February 22, Renaud arrested a spectator who was using his cell phone, completely ignoring the instructions. Then Renaud interrupted in the middle of a song to say: “I don't want to sing anymore. Isn't there a neighbor who can tell him to stop?  

That's what we're going to see more and more. Comedians, comedians, musicians who interrupt their show to yell at, humiliate, ridicule the offending spectators. 

Lots of ” nomophobes ” to whom we want to say the words of Renaud's song: “Break off, you stink, and walk in the shade”.

Çthat's enough!