The 100 season 6 : (SPOILER) death, the creator unveils the reasons

The 100 saison 6 : (SPOILER) mort, le créateur dévoile les raisons

The 100-season 6 : creator unveils the reasons of the death of (SPOILER)

During its first five seasons, The 100 we have already shown that no character is safe. And it has not changed with episode 1 of season 6 aired this Tuesday, April 30, on the CW in the United States. In this first episode, a character would die, a thing that hasn’t really pleased the fans. But why the screenwriters have made this decision ? The creator of the show, Jason Rothenberg, has unveiled the reasons of this death. Warning, this article contains spoilers !

The wait is over ! A few days after the announcement of the renewal of The 100 for a season 7 is expected in 2020, this is the season 6 of the show with Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, which began in the United States. Remember, at the end of season 5, Bellamy, Clarke and the others awoke 125 years in the future after having been plunged in a sleep cryogenic and discovered a new planet.

A death for the first episode

A new life that will not last very long for Shaw played by Jordan Bolger. In episode 1 of season 6 of The 100, the character would die after having crossed a barrier to radioactive while he was exploring the new planet. Arrived in the series in season 5, the darling Raven went away almost as quickly as it had come, the one thing that has saddened-and a little pissed off – many fans. Some have indeed found this to be a death too quick and unnecessary.

The reasons for the departure of Jordan Bolger

If you’re one of the people who are disgusted by the death of Shaw, to know that there is a (good) reason ! In an interview to TVLine, Jason Rothenberg, the creator and showrunner of The 100, revealed the reasons of this sad event : Jordan Bolger was in fact more available for the filming of the series. “Jordan has found a job on another series. It is amazing and I would have loved to keep it but we were in this situation where we were going to lose.” has he entrusted to you. He then adds that he and the writers had to think of a way to do away with the character. But then why have they killed ? “This death is not satisfactory, it is tragic and heartbreaking, but there was not many other options. We are not the kind of series where a character can leave his job and move away. It was the only way” he explained. It fits !

The season 6 of The 100 continues on Tuesdays on the CW.


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