The 2 meters distance forgotten by the campers

Les 2 mètres de distance oubliés par les campeurs

The many holidaymakers who have taken over the campgrounds for the weeks of construction comply with having a hard time distancing physical, entrusted to the tenants of the sites.

“When people come camping, they feel they get out of the daily restrictive of the COVID. There is a tendency to let-go. It is up to us to bring them back, ” said Pierre-Marc Lussier, director general of the Camping Vacation in Bromont, Montérégie.

The covers-face, which is mandatory in enclosed public places since Saturday, has been integrated by the visitors despite a few memory lapses, according to several managers of the campsites.

“It is a learning to do, but nobody opposed it, when it is remembered,” says Mr Lussier.

However, adherence to the two meters still cause some headaches, specially this weekend, while most of the campsites were full.

“You have to stick a lot to enforce the two meters of distance. Often, gangs know each other and congregate on the beach. This is where it gets complicated, ” says Jacques Strikes, owner of camping The king’s jester, to the Red River, in the Laurentians.


To adapt to the health crisis, the camping Area of the enchanted islands, to Upton, in Montérégie, had set up live music performances on a platform on wheels which walked through the site.

“The people follow the platform and gathered around. For the past two weeks, it no longer offers the activity, ” explains the owner, Monique Deslandes.

“It was nice put up signs a little bit everywhere, it is difficult… in The evening, people gather around bonfires. There are some who do not understand, and others who don’t care, ” she continued.

Discontent at the pool

All the more that the reduced capacity of the pools does not please all.

“People complain because we have a list of reservations, which limit the amount of time spent in the pool. Some do not have access to at the time as they wish. It is a real headache, ” says Philippe Rioux, manager of the reception at camping Huttopia, at Sutton, in the Cantons-de-l’est.

Camping Vacances Bromont, holiday makers stand in line to get into the area bathing. Every hour, the pool is devoid of swimmers, and chairs are disinfected.

“95% of the people are understanding and appreciate that it is strict. But, it is we who incur the displeasure of the other “, falling leaves, Pierre-Marc Lussier.

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