The 2019 FESTIVAL will show a retrospective of Ukrainian cinema “Hollywood on the shore of the Black sea”

The program includes six films

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На ОМКФ 2019 покажут ретроспективу украинского кино "Голливуд на берегу Черного моря"

OIFF 2019

10-th Odessa international film festival, strategic partner of the “Ukraine” TV channel, recently announced all of the films participating in competitive programs. It should be noted that Ukrainian and foreign films will compete for the FESTIVAL awards in four competition programs – international competition, a Competition of European documentary films, the national competition. Full meter and national competition. Short meter.

Watch the video about the details of the OIFF 2018:

However, this year at the FESTIVAL Dovzhenko centre presents the movies legends from the cult Director of the Odessa film Studio in a special program called “Hollywood on the shore of the Black sea.” The audience will get acquainted with the films that changed the history of Ukrainian and world cinema. A retrospective dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Odessa film Studio.

In “Hollywood on the shore of the Black sea”, as dubbed Odessa film Studio writer and editor of the Studio Yury Yanovsky, the film was shot, which became an outstanding event in Ukrainian, Russian and world cinema. Modern the Studio appeared in place of the Atelier on the French Boulevard, which played pre-movie star – Vera Kholodnaya, Osip of Runic, Witold Polonsky.

The background of the Ukrainian Soviet cinema, namely HFSA (nationwide fotokinootdele) began in January 1919 in Kharkiv with the formation of the second Bolshevik government of the Ukrainian cinema Committee in the structure of people’s Commissariat of education. However, it was in Odessa in 1920-ies was the main filming base HFSA, which came to work as skilled craftsmen like Peter Chardynin and Boris Savelev, and the young and brave Ukrainian culture – Alexander Dovzhenko, Les Kurbas, Ivan Kavaleridze, Daniil Demutsky and others. Already in 1927, Alexander Dovzhenko in the “Bag of diplomatic courier” addressed to “marinistic”, genre which is still considered typical for the Studio, then immediately took off his silent masterpieces “Zvenigora” and “Arsenal”.

Not less success had the Studio and in 1950-60-ies. “After the occupation and the difficult postwar years, when it only served the production processes of other film studios, Odessa film Studio, finally, in 1953, launched his own filmmaking. And one of the first postwar films of Odessa film Studio “Spring on Zarechnaya street” became the leader of the all-Union rolled – it was watched by over 30 million viewers,” – said the curator of the retrospective of Anna Onufrienko, film Dovzhenko Centre.

In Odessa, received his first chance and space for experimentation Directors who later became cult – the already mentioned Alexander Dovzhenko, Marlene Hutsiev, Eldar, Peter Todorovsky, Radomir Vasilevsky, Alexander Pavlovsky and others. Here he developed his unique absurdist-philosophical style and worked almost all her life Kira Muratova. 1960-e years, is also the heyday of the fiction genre, including in the Ukrainian cinema.

In the program “Hollywood on the shore of the Black sea” includes the following patterns:

  • “Be silent, sorrow, be silent” (1918, dir. Pyotr Chardynin),
  • “Berry love” (1926, dir. Alexander Dovzhenko),
  • “Spring on Zarechnoj street” (1956, dir. Marlene Hutsiev, Felix Mironer),
  • “The formula of the rainbow” (1966, dir. George Jungvald-Hilkevich),
  • “Military-the field novel” (1983, dir. Peter Todorovski),
  • “The Adjuster” (2004, dir. Kira Muratova).

Interesting formal search is visible in the movie “Formula Radugi” (1966) Odessa film Studio, which asked new – social-ironic – direction of development of the Soviet kinofantastiki. At the same time at the Studio the Second world war and people’s war develops Peter Todorovski in his debut film “Loyalty” (1965). Twenty years later, it was his “Military-the field novel” (1983) the first of the films at the Ukrainian film studios, nominated for “Oscar”.

На ОМКФ 2019 покажут ретроспективу украинского кино "Голливуд на берегу Черного моря"

“Military-the field novel”

Screenings of the film “Spring on Zarechnaya street” and “the Adjuster” is a dedication to their Directors Marlena Hutsieva and Kira Muratova, recently deceased. Traditionally, several films of the retrospective will be shown with a film – this year it is “Military-the field novel” and “the Adjuster”.

The film is directed by Peter Chardynin “Shut up, sadness, shut up” was filmed in 1918. In the film starring Vera Kholodnaya. Dekadansa the story of a girl spins in a circle, like a record with lyric romance, which formed the basis of the plot. The film’s heroine, Paula, stands with her husband, violinist sang in public a trapeze artist in the circus. During one of the most dangerous rooms of the Loriot, being drunk, loses his balance and injured. It puts an end to their circus career and makes difficult to work with street musicians to earn a living. This is the last film Vera Cold shot before moving to Odessa, where the Cold proved himself not only as a star of the screen to the extraordinary beauty and sensuality, but also as a consummate dramatic actress. Of the four movies that were filmed with the participation of Vera Kholodnaya in Odessa, survived only 10 mins, the rest of the film was lost. The sudden death of the actress from the “Spanish flu” in February 1919 was a tragedy for the whole town – she came out to see all Odessa – thousands on a funeral procession managed to fix the newsreel cameramen.

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Comedy is Alexander Dovzhenko on his own script “love Berry” 1926 is the earliest of his surviving films (the first film “Vasya the reformer” is lost). In the story, the hairdresser Jean Kovbasyuk know that he became a father. Child cancels all his plans. Jean decides to get rid of the baby. Who would Jean didn’t drop the baby, every time he oddly returned to it. Only when Jean learns that the child can receive financial aid again to find it could not so simple. In the film “love Berry” Dovzhenko met with the operator of Daniel Demutsky, which subsequently took his most famous paintings.

На ОМКФ 2019 покажут ретроспективу украинского кино "Голливуд на берегу Черного моря"

“Spring on Zarechnaya street”

One of the first postwar films of Odessa film Studio “Spring on Zarechnaya street” was released in 1956. Directors of films – Marlene Hutsiev, which in March 2019 passed away, and Felix Mironer. Tape not only told the audience about a kind of “spring” in the film, but became one of the symbols of the beginning of the political thaw in the USSR – the shooting began in the year of Stalin’s death in 1953 and the picture came out in 1956, when there was a revaluation of the cult of personality. In the story, in the industrial town comes a young and pretty teacher of literature, which was sent to teach in the evening school. One guy from the steel mill falls in love with an intelligent girl, but to find a common language young people can be quite difficult. A beautiful love story set against the backdrop of spring off-road, modest workers ‘ dwellings and light open-hearth furnaces. It is this simplicity, awareness and lack of market brought the film and its characters more than 30 million views and national love.

Unexpected fantastic Comedy 1966 from the Director of “the Three Musketeers” and “the Prisoner of If castle” George Jungvald-Khilkevich “the Formula of the rainbow”. The film not only critical irony about the absurdity of some of the rituals of the then social life, but also creates a Canon for the further searches of the Studio in the genre of science fiction, a famous incarnation of which was the series about the other twin – “the adventures of electronics”. The engineer-inventor, in order to avoid having to serve time in bureaucratic meetings, creates a robot double. But mechanical beings their views of the world and they do not always coincide with the plans of its Creator.

Directed by Peter Todorovski in his film “Military-the field novel” departs from the literal demonstration of war – the most dramatic events and the actual war we see only reflections in the faces and lives of people, as well as films that turns the main character with his felling projectionist. This little story based on real events and memories of the Director, is completely devoid of glorification and pathos. “Military-the field novel” – the first and only Soviet Ukrainian movie nominated for “Oscar”. In 1984, the film in the main competition of the Berlin film festival, where the performer of one of leading roles Inna Churikova won the “Silver bear” for best actress. In the USSR, the film became one of the leaders of the car – it looked at more than 15 million viewers.

Done a masterful absurdist Comedy with elements of a detective – “the Adjuster” in 2004. Kira Muratova in her trademark manner of violating existing cinematic and artistic laws and turns a satirical crime drama into an existential story about human relationships and the social and economic conventions. A crook is a musician for a pet that is not accustomed themselves anything to deny, planning a Scam. He wants to Rob secured two middle-aged women. In order to get to know them, to inspire confidence and to get into their house with expensive things, young man offers their services of an Adjuster. The films of Kira Muratova has for several years presented in the program of the Odessa international film festival. The blockbusters Director, who passed away last year, can be safely attributed to the heritage of world cinema.

We will remind, the Odessa international film festival will host the 2019 world premiere of the film “Cherkassy” Director Timur Yaschenko.

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