The “25 years” of Jean Pascal

The “25 years» of Jean Pascal


Jean Pascal is priceless. We were talking about his physical condition as a 40-year-old man who will face a young world top 5 on Thursday in Laval.

It's nice to have a beautiful body, but it's still 40 years old.

– Sorry, I have a 25 year-old body. Over the past few weeks, I have passed every possible test imaginable. The eyes, the blood, the brain. Everything is beautiful. No retinal detachment, no infectious disease, brain like a young man, all the scans confirm it…

– Easy to talk…

J was a bit incredulous. It was a mistake. This week, I received copies of all the tests that Pascal underwent. I hope we found a little space on the page to show the scan of his brain. Because the brain of Jean Pascal, he does not invent himself. It's a privilege.


Furthermore, the fairly important fight on March 16 between adopted Montrealer Jessica Camara and the French Prisca Vicot has been cancelled. It was the Frenchwoman who told on social networks how she had not even received a contract at the start of the week. Neither from the promoter nor his manager, Ryan Cohen, the manager of a multitude of female boxers and dark figure in professional boxing. 

We will find a replacement who is only too happy to fight for a handful of pinottes.


Les &laquo ;25 years» of Jean Pascal