The 48th Street festival continues this Sunday with around fifty events

The 48th Street festival continues this Sunday with around fifty events

Imbroglio, un cirque aux perspectives éclatées. MIDI LIBRE – M. P

Le festival des arts de la rue fête sa dix-huitième édition, à Mende jusqu’à ce dimanche 7 juillet 2024. Avec un public qui a répondu présent.

At the 48th Street festival in Mende, there is the "off", free shows with participation in the hat from the public. And some gems to discover again this Sunday. Like Imbroglio, or Mélodie, from the Shreu company, with her black parallelepiped in school blackboard mode and her trapezoid. She makes voices, bodies and cries flutter in a communicative hysterical osmosis. We tremble for her and salute the physical feat of the artist!

The great tragedies

Another street corner, another atmosphere with Claire and Melaine who revisit the great classics of Greek tragedy, among others, in two distinct alphabet books (#ABCD & #EFGH). Here again, the energy overflows and the public delights in the art of popularization and the adaptation for the street of masterful works (ten minutes for each piece, d’ Antigone to Don Juan and Helectra to Hamlet).

Make love, not war

And then, there is the "in", these star companies, to be discovered with the festival pass bracelet. In the Vabre car park, pArrAd from the Balllad company can be discovered. A participatory and immersive show, where everyone will have the right not to participate. But most spectators will dive into the great corporate game. A clan, a tribe will join the ranks. A nation will be born and then… Terrific, surprising and enjoyable! Around fifty of these meetings will be offered this Sunday.

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