The 49ers want to put an end to racial discrimination

Les 49ers veulent mettre fin à la discrimination raciale

Having already publicly supported Colin Kaepernick when he put his knee on the floor during the national anthem, the president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco 49ers Jed York did not hesitate to give $ 1 million to organizations that fight against discrimination and racism.

York made the announcement in a press release on Saturday, five days after the death of George Floyd following a brutal arrest. Since then, thousands of protesters took to the streets in several cities of the country to demand justice.

“The people of our countries suffer, has written York. The emotions are skin-deep, and rightly so. Of the heinous acts have been committed in recent weeks. Before we are able to achieve real change, we need to first of all have the courage and compassion, as human beings, to unite and recognize the problem: the men, women and children from black and other oppressed nationalities continue to be systematically discriminated against.”

Bush has also pledged to support the Players Coalition, an organization created by two former NFL players in 2017 in order to make a difference in social justice and racial equality.

“The organization of the 49ers is committed to supporting the priorities of the Players Coalition and to provide $ 1 million to local and national organizations that create change,” concluded Bush.

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