“The 5 gates of the intuition”: listen to her little inner voice

«Les 5 portes de l’intuition»: écouter sa petite voix intérieure

Author bubbly and optimistic followed by over 80,000 people on social networks, the French Sarah Diviné dissects the process of intuition and invites its readers to use it in his new book, The 5 doors of intuition. Recalling that the intuition – the sixth sense – is an ally of size on the path of life, it provides a lot of tracks to align to the well-being and the achievement… by listening to his inner voice.

The intuition, this feeling is difficult to explain, so that we can say yes or no to a project, whether one turns left or right at the intersection, it’s the feeling of being on the right track or not, is known, but little used.

Sarah Diviné, a young woman who is connected very early on his own intuition and who understands very well the mechanisms, explains that everyone in a. And that the whole world has access to it, for little that one is the trouble. “We often speak of the intuition of women… and men speak of instinct”, she notes, in an interview. “For me, intuition is a little voice inside, an ally or a magic wand that allows us to be closer to the self, more at peace, and move forward in life, towards his dreams. It is something that brings magic in life.”


Everyone has the intuition, she says. “I’ve done a lot of workshops, and for me, everyone has intuition. However, it has never learned, since we were children, to listen, and to follow rules to make others happy, to be in the mold, in order to be loved. And I think that is where it disconnects, little by little, this intuition there.”

What is it? “It used to take decisions which are in line and fair. Often, those who are intuitive are more calm, more in the joy of life and dare to make their dreams come true. They have a dream, they visualize it, and it is as if there were any shortcuts they could take, either to find a job that suits them, a house, even friendships.”

Daily exercises

In her book, Sarah Diviné offers many exercises to do on a daily basis to reconnect on its meaning and on its sensitivity. It explains how to do intuitive drawing, for example, or how to connect with self and nature, how to focus, how to keep a log of the intuition.

The first step, she said, is to work on beliefs in the face of intuition. “There are a lot of people who believe they do not. And just to say, hey, maybe I can trust my intuition, and begin to have fun with. It is like a new language that we learn: it is by dint of repeating that it is.”


It was found that the rebates in question are numerous since the economic crisis of the COVID-19. “This crisis has brought us closer to our humility and that we are confronted with our choices. Is it that I take care of myself? Is it that I’ve forgotten(e), these last time ? Is it that I’m really on the right path?”

“I’ve done a lot of coaching in live and in the group that I accompanied for two weeks, there are many who are happy to reconnect to self. The fact of have a break for a long time, it has given the things in question.”

Sarah Diviné
Editions of The lotus and the elephant
144 pages”>

The 5 doors of intuition
Sarah Diviné
Editions of The lotus and the elephant
144 pages

  • Sarah Diviné is an author, public speaker, trainer in spirituality and business intuition.
  • Its web site : happy-turtle.world
  • She said that she was “on cloud nine” to know that his book sort in Quebec.
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