The 55th Final of the Quebec Games in Laval

The 55th Final of the Quebec Games in Laval


Participating in a Quebec Games Final for athletes is often a first step towards the Olympic Games. Driven by their passion, athletes dominate events that allow them to achieve records. Tuesday is the last day of Block 1.

Olympic medalist and spokesperson for the 55th Final of the Quebec Games – Laval 2022, Alexandre Despatie, is surrounded by members of the Montreal area swim team.

Arielle Garant is part of the Laurentians delegation to the Quebec Games.

Anaïs Dumont David, from Richelieu-Yamaska, who won the gold medal in the women's high jump also competed in the long jump.

Alexie Descarreaux, from Mauricie, hit a resounding home run over the fence to allow his team to claim victory.

Lambert Fournier, from Estrie, performed a high jump of 1.70 m.

Charlotte Brousseau, from the Montreal region, qualified for the 200 meter medley final, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Laurentians receiver Émile Plouffe did an excellent job.

The events from 200  are exhilarating. Seen here is Roxanne Sophie Aqudelo, from the Laval region.

Quadruple Olympic medalist, Éric Bédard, acts as a mentor for the coaches of the Mauricie region.

The 55th Final of the Quebec Games in Laval