The ABCs of Buddhism

The ABCs of Buddhism


Have you noticed the number of statuettes representing Buddha in decoration stores, esoteric specialty shops, garden centers and even in supermarkets? 

< p>If they are there, people are buying them and most of them are not Buddhist practitioners. We often get them to hope to access a little more zenitude and serenity in life which is too often strewn with dramas, confrontations and existential crises. But who is Buddha and what about Buddhism exactly?

The author Alain Grosrey who is interested in and who taught Buddhism has just published a collection on the subject using 'a fragment of a great encyclopedia on Buddhism which is unfortunately no longer available. 

Towards Serenity

From the outset, the author specifies that it is absolutely not necessary to claim to be a practitioner of the Buddhism religion to adhere to its values. This book is in fact for those who are looking for light in their lives or for any spiritual awakening in a world that is unfortunately too dark.

By reading this book, I realize how much it advocates the same values ​​as the famous Tibetan Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, namely the importance of living in joy and peace by conveying notions of benevolence and altruism towards others. Besides, it is clearly said that without peace and without joy, even for well-off people, it is impossible to experience lasting satisfaction.

If this seems simplistic to you, look around you. Look at the political contests which are becoming more and more indecent. Observe what fuels wars. Is it benevolence? In fact, if the entire population could put into practice even 10% of what is in this book, there would be practically no problems on earth.