The absurd cycle path in Germany amused Network

Абсурдная велодорожка в Германии повеселила Сеть

She decided to redo it.Absurd zig-zag bike path in Berlin caused a wave of ridicule on the Internet, writes the with reference to news N

Weird bike lane that appeared in the German capital in the district of Zehlendorf, became the object of jokes among users.

Cycling path is marked in such a way that its lines at a right angle to evade the trees. Fancy track raised the issue of poor planning in Berlin, which is trying to become more friendly to cyclists.

“It was not planned this way,” commented a member of the city Council of the district Zehlendorf Maren Schellenberg, adding that the track looks “good enough”, but will not.

Obviously, there is a problem with the communication with the contractor who worked on the track. The track remake – this time so that its edges were straight.

The locals made fun of a bizarre track. One of them said that the zigzag can create a “problem night”. Another noted: the track is strange, but it is “better than nothing”.

Another woman said that the track “too stupid to understand it”.

The incident with the track happened on the background of the efforts of Berlin to make the city more friendly for cyclists for example Copenhagen and Amsterdam. About 30% of the traffic in these cities have on the bike compared to 15% in the German capital.

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