The acclaimed criminal drama “Marcus” comes on the TV channel “Ukraine”: premiere date

The first series of the television series can be viewed on Monday, October 7

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25 Sep, 14:41

Нашумевшая криминальная мелодрама "Маркус" выходит на телеканале "Украина": дата премьеры

Series “Marcus”

Monday, 7 October at 21:00 on TV channel “Ukraine” will be the long-awaited premiere of the first series melodrama “Marcus”, which is shown at the OIFF 2019, the TV channel “Ukraine” and the Latvian media companies Helio Media, production of which has involved the production of “ART TERRITORY”.

Find out the details of what a Ukrainian TV series “Marcus” will show in Lithuania:

This is the story of an ordinary teacher Polina Klochko, whose life is dramatically changed by the tragic event – when kindergarten was kidnapped by her son mark. After 5 years in category international news report on the incident in Riga shopping centre Pauline among the people in the crowd know his son. The woman turns to the police with a request to reopen the case of the loss of the boy, but she doesn’t have enough grounds. Paulina decides to act on their own, with the result that fate introduced her to the major of SBU in resignation and part-time father of one of her students – Denis Denisov. Helping Pauline in the investigation, the former mayor says too many amazing coincidences in such “Affairs” over the past 5 years, but, despite the fact that Denisov out on the right track, to return to the ranks of law enforcement officers can not.

Нашумевшая криминальная мелодрама "Маркус" выходит на телеканале "Украина": дата премьеры

Eugene Rozanov, Kirill Rubtsov

Actress Eugene Rozanov, which got the main role Polina Klochko told about his character: “the First day of shooting was in Latvia, and it was the final scene. Then we met with Latvians – the adoptive parents of our Marcus. We immediately felt the uniqueness of this picture, as usually in the series is that the foster mother is bad, but the real – good, but our picture of the conflict lies in the fact that in the new family the boy is good, he likes to live here – it’s all right! This makes it difficult to play than a desire to take him faster, but remember that there are people who don’t deserve this pain and you need to make informed decisions.”

The main male role of the ex-the major of SBU got Kirill Rubtsov. The actor admitted, the line will also have its own feature. “We don’t do Denisova Superman, which is all fine and all work out the first time, no – on the contrary. He is an ordinary man who has been through a lot – he had a lot of losses, setbacks. But for me, that he is a man who renounced his family in his youth and came to the fact that it is needed now,” said the actor.

Нашумевшая криминальная мелодрама "Маркус" выходит на телеканале "Украина": дата премьеры

Liliya Rebrik

Ex-wife of Denis Denisov will play a popular actress and TV presenter Liliya rebryk. The star said although her character is a tough girl, she tries to justify it and to convey to the audience the most important thing: “My Marina abandoned woman with a child, of course, offended. Beautiful and self-sufficient. She has a new man, relation, but still she wants to keep everything under control, asserting itself on his daughter and on the relations with the former. I’m trying to find her own space that she is comfortable, but where it’s real – I don’t know!”

Нашумевшая криминальная мелодрама "Маркус" выходит на телеканале "Украина": дата премьеры

Rihards Lepers, Alexander Nakes, Agnes Cirule

New elect Marina will play the famous actor Michael Kucuk. “My Nicholas – dimensional character, he’s ambiguous bastard – person with many good qualities, but behind it a kind of shadow… the same and the heroine Lily Rebrik – she played the mother of a child undergoing puberty, she is well able to show a situation where a woman is lost between the loved one who wears her in his arms, and the baby. So, in my opinion, these images are very good and they will be interesting to see,” commented the actor.

The first series of “Marcus” will be shown on the channel “Ukraine” of 7 October, and in January 2020 will premiere in Latvia. The theme cannot leave you indifferent, because all the time, on hearing the announcement of the missing children.

Нашумевшая криминальная мелодрама "Маркус" выходит на телеканале "Украина": дата премьеры

Kirill Rubtsov

The main producer of the Department kinotrilogii production of the TV channel “Ukraine” Natalia Strybuc said the uniqueness of this project: “In our “Marcus” touches upon a rather unusual situation. The child went missing 5 years ago, and when the mother comes to the police, everything is quite skeptical about the prospects of re-search and trust her. This is the story of a woman who’s left alone with the situation. Of course, we toss her Prince on a white horse, which from time to time does not represent official bodies, and only of human feelings is starting to help her. This story has a good plot, because in addition to global problems – the heroine lost her son, she sees him a citizen of another state, and by law there is no procedure of “respiragene”. That is, she will not be able to get it back legally”.

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Original soundtrack to the drama “Marcus” wrote Igor Volkov. He also took the search of the performer of the title track, it became a famous singer, ex-soloist of group MARU Olga Lukachova.

Starring: Eugene Rozanov, Kirill Rubtsov, Alexander Nakes, Lily Rebrik, Michael Kukuk, Richard Lepers, Agnes Cirule and Ksenia Mishina. The author of the idea of the series – Igor Volkov. Director: Anton Azarov. The producers of the film is Victoria Korogod Natalya Strybuc, Irina Chernyak, Igor Volkov, Sergei Baranov, Inga Alika-strode, Kaspars Ozolins. Writers – Lera Kolegaeva, Vladimir Skiba.

Recall that one of the main roles in the TV series “Marcus” played a Latvian actor Rihards Lepers. “Today” was able to talk with the actor about his character and the series.

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