The accommodations are always cheaper in the regions

Les logements sont toujours moins chers dans les régions

THREE-RIVERS | just get out of the metropolitan regions of Montréal and Québec city to be huge differences in the cost of rent, that fall often in the third.

The average cost of 61 000 housing units posted on the website Gumtree between February and may 2020 was 1044 per month, in Québec, according to a recent study of the Aggregation of the committees on housing and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ).

Specifically, the average of the available housing, all sizes combined was 1258 $ in Montreal and 907 $ to Quebec. This figure drops at $ 612 à Trois-Rivières, 728 $ in Sherbrooke and 701 to $ Saguenay.

Les logements sont toujours moins chers dans les régions

Véronique Laflamme

However, the average overall rents in Quebec is around $ 800 per month, according to the canada mortgage and housing corporation (CMHC). Except that the apartments more affordable are rarely available and it is difficult to find in the average actual price, according to the spokesperson of the RCLALQ, Maxime Roy-Allard.

More poor

Supply and demand explain in particular the difference between large cities and regions, according to Véronique Laflamme, of the Front of popular action in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU). It recalls, however, that the Trifluviens, for example, who pay less rent than other Quebecers are not more rich for all that, because wages are also lower than elsewhere.

“The difference between the rents can’t make up the difference in revenue. Once the rent is paid, the tenants of Three-Rivers are always poor “, she explains.

The median salary in the Mauricie region was $ 750 per week in 2019, or $ 100 less than the provincial average of $ 850 per week, according to the Institut de la statistique du Québec.

In addition to the scarcity, the value of the property will greatly influence the cost of rents, according to the director of public Affairs at the Corporation of the owners of real estate in Quebec, Hans Brouillette.

He explains that the average rental buildings of two to five apartments was $ 171 000 $ à Trois-Rivières in 2019, compared to 636 000 $ on the island of Montreal, not to mention the taxes and insurance, also the highest in the metropolis.

In Gatineau

The region of Gatineau alone in those to have undergone a 10% increase in rents in the last year, according to data from the FRAPRU.

The proximity to Ottawa, where prices are a lot higher, would explain part of the phenomenon of rarity, according to Mr. Brouillette.

“You’re a few steps from the national capital, at prices which are significantly more advantageous “, he explains.

Prices more expensive on Kijiji


  • Average : 835 $
  • Kijiji : 1258 $


  • Average : 838 $
  • Kijiji : 907 $


  • Average : 598 $
  • Kijiji : 612 $


  • Average : 636 $
  • Kijiji : 728 $


  • Average : 612 $
  • Kijiji : 701 $


  • Average : 775 $
  • Kijiji : Not available

Sources : FRAPRU and the RCLALQ

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