The accused want to be released on bail

Les accusés veulent à tout prix être libérés sous caution

The trio, accused of assaulting an ex-investigator who specializes in organized crime has staked everything on Friday, each defendant swearing to be ready to comply with any condition to be released on bail.

“I’m ready to do everything, even stay home and go out only for work “, launched by Louis-Simon Jacques, Friday, at the palais de justice of Montreal, while his co-accused were abundant in the same direction.

Jacques, as well as Sandel Peter and Yadley Deutz Saint-John, aged 31, 18 and 23 years, were back on the court in the hope of being released pending trial for a violent assault on the former police officer, Pietro Poletti, and the mother of the latter, there are two weeks at their home.

Series of errors

According to the evidence of the Crown, James, addicted to crack, was the driver, while the other two have directly attacked the ex-investigator. They had been arrested because of a series of errors, starting with the driver who was parked in the corner of a surveillance camera.

A neighbour, who had noticed the suspicious activities in the ex-policeman, had followed the attackers, taking note of the license plate of the vehicle leak.

Several objects used during the assault had also been found in the street, such as a snow brush and a surgical mask.

The judge Mylene Gregoire will announce on Tuesday if it agrees to hand over the accused to liberty and, if yes, under what conditions.

A fourth person is still being sought.

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