The acquittal of the leader of a group of extreme right is going to appeal

L’acquittement du chef d’un groupe d’extrême droite va en appel

The Crown has appealed the acquittal of the leader of the right-wing group Atalante for having sown chaos in the offices of the media Vice Quebec, but she concedes that there has been no harassment to the journalist who was targeted.

“The first judge had erred in law “, says the Crown, which requires at minimum a new trial for Raphael Lévesque.

The man, 36-year-old was therefore not finished with the justice, who had obtained an acquittal total in the past month for an event that occurred in may 2018.

At the time, it was against the journalist Simon Coutu, who had signed several texts about extremist groups, including Atalante, Quebec.

Freedom of expression

Accompanied by six thugs hidden – he was not – Lévesque had burst into the offices of the media in quebec to give the journalist a “media award trash 2018” composed of cigarette butts.

“Thank you from the war “, said Lévesque while the band was throwing epigrams, and was playing music.

Accused of break and enter, mischief, harassment, and intimidation, Lévesque was forbidden to have had a criminal intent. And the judge Joëlle Roy has given him reason on the line, indicating that the accused had asserted his freedom of expression.

“This judgment is not a license to reproduce such actions, but the line is sometimes thin between incivility and crime,” had, however, said the magistrate.

No harassment

The judge had also flayed Mr. Coutu, reproaching him for having “lied” during his testimony. The journalist had denied during the court proceedings he had tried to reach the accused on Facebook by using a false name, for the purpose of obtaining an interview.

However, if the Crown wants to reverse the acquittal on these counts of break and enter and mischief based on the concept of criminal intent, she asks for nothing for the charges of harassment and intimidation. It means that, according to the lawsuit, the judge made no error of law that allows you to challenge the two leaders.

  • Given the delays to the court, it would be surprising that the cause be heard before the winter.
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