The actor of the series “Friends” passed away, fans can’t hold back the tears: fall in love with millions of viewers

Актер сериала "Друзья" ушел из жизни, фанаты не могут сдержать слез: влюбил в себя миллионы зрителей

Scene from the TV series “Friends”

today, 18:26

Today in new York (USA) at 83 year of life died a famous actor, Ron Liebman, informs television channel FoxNews.

Reportedly, the cause of death of complications from pneumonia. He was born in 1937 and made his film debut in the film “Where’s daddy?” in 1970. Most Libman known for her work in the cult television series “Friends”, where he played the role of Dr. Leonard green, father of the main character.

Libman also starred in the film “murder She wrote”, “KAZ”, “Country gardens” and many others. Also, the actor was the winner of awards “Emmy” and “Tony”.

Recall that in p ‘ Friday, December 6, despite the efforts of doctors and the whole of Ukraine died a famous activist Artem Miroshnichenko, who was severely beaten in Bahmut, 29 Nov.

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