The actress of “Game of thrones” took 8-month-old baby

Josephine Gillan was forbidden to see the girl and chat with her

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У актрисы "Игры престолов" забрали 8-месячного ребенка

Josephine Gillan with her daughter Gloria

The actress Josephine Gillan, who played the prostitute Marey in the cult TV series “Game of thrones”, the Israeli authorities removed an 8-month-old baby and sent to the custody of another family.

“Game of thrones” will get a prequel. The details in the story:

The actress has published in his Twitter the video, which law enforcement officers take house of her 8-month-old daughter Gloria. Gillan asks for help in social networks, to help her to return the child. According to Israeli newspaper the Times of Israel, before the trial, the child resides in a foster family.

To this, Josephine told me, that he gave his daughter to his girlfriend until she passed the course of treatment for depression. At this time, when the actress of “Game of thrones” wasn’t home, the police came and took the girl.

“Kidnapped my daughter and took her away to another family! I’m not allowed to see her or contact with her! I don’t know where she is. I was not there at the time and didn’t know what they did! It’s absolutely outrageous. I didn’t do anything wrong, and my friend who took care of the daughter, too,” wrote Gillan under the posted video.

Recall that recently, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper took custody over her daughter.

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У актрисы "Игры престолов" забрали 8-месячного ребенка

У актрисы "Игры престолов" забрали 8-месячного ребенка

У актрисы "Игры престолов" забрали 8-месячного ребенка


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