The addresses of the Cuisinomane: 7 sugar shacks that are worth the detour

The Cuisinomane's addresses: 7 sugar shacks that are worth the detour


Urban or regional, traditional or reinvented, but always gargantuan and gourmet: make way for sugar shack season! 

It's the time to gather with family or friends, then to have fun around a feast where sugar will obviously be part of it. No holding back and no remorse: after all, it only happens once a year! 

Labonté de la Pomme

The famous country layer, onion soup with maple and Oka cheese, homemade smoked sausages with apples, bacon and maple, smoked ham with apple wood… The feast at La Cabane à Pomme beats its full at the Labonté de la Pomme orchard! We go there to live an extraordinary experience (which I strongly recommend to live at least once), or we order the box to reproduce the meal at home. A vegetarian menu is offered, as for children from 4 to 11 years old. Children under 4 eat free. 

405, rang de l'Annonciation, Oka 

With Sugar Delights

Aux Délices des Sucres, in Saint-Lin–Laurentides, is a sugar shack on a human scale that aims to be traditional – pea soup, baked beans, omelet, ham – but whose experience can be enhanced with several other specialties of the place. The house is also one of the only producers of buffalo milk cheeses in Quebec, particularly recognized for its mozzarella di buffala, which appears on the sugar menu. You can also take advantage of the outdoor fireplace, as well as the walking paths on the maple grove to help bring down the feast.< /strong> 

290, côte Jeanne, route 158, Saint-Lin–Laurentides 

Creek Vineyard

The picturesque (nothing less!) Vignoble du Ruisseau is far from just making wine. From the first signs of spring, the country and maple table goes into “sugar shack” mode, offering a menu bordering on traditional – but oh so tempting – where the house's maple syrup and vegetables of the farm are in the spotlight. Squash soup served with a maple brioche and churned foie gras butter, homemade cretons, soufflé spinach omelet, grandmother's maple ham, chômeur and rhubarb pudding are some of the dishes on the 2023 menu. A menu for children under 12 is also offered ($28), and toddlers under 4 eat free. /

4500, Strobl, Dunham 

Artisans Market – Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Tradition is back at the Artisans Market, at the distinguished Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from February 25 to April 10, the market serves a gargantuan (and gourmet) sugar brunch where tradition and Quebec products are in the spotlight. A traditional menu, a second entirely vegetarian, then a third for children are offered. Pea soup, maple cassoulet (or tempeh stew), soft-boiled eggs with truffle oil, a few roasted vegetables and a platter of sweets make up the menu at $45 per person. A maple taffy station is also available for those with a sweet tooth. 

900 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, Montreal 

La Cité agricole 

La Cité agricole is a farm combining market gardening, U-pick, raising free-range animals, but also a gourmet table, a bar with many Quebec spirits, a shop, as well as many seasonal activities. Every weekend from March 12 to April 23, sugaring off will be celebrated: festive family cabin with a hearty menu, inflatable games, outdoor fireplaces and tractor rides. The meal, based on farm products and those from Quebec, will honor both traditional dishes (cretons, pea soup, marinades, bines) and others, revised by chef Sébastien (Gordon Ramsay-style eggs , braised ham with maple Sortilège, twist of maple bacon, marshmallow bar & s'mores). A sugar box is also available for the home. 

4260, chemin Notre-Dame, St -Augustin-de-Desmaures 

Le Relais des Pins 

Long communal tables with checkered tablecloths, folk music during the meal, bean bag game, knowledge rally… If the environment of the Le Relais des Pins sugar shack is the most traditional, wait and see the all-you-can-eat menu served at the table: ears of crisse, baked beans, marinades, meat pie, ham, sausages, not to mention the house specialty, eggs poached in maple syrup. If you are wondering, yes, everything is homemade! Here is a great opportunity to discover Île d'Orléans dressed in white. ;

2013, chemin Royal, Sainte-Famille, Île d'Orléans 

La Cabane Festive — Au Chalet en Bois Rond 

Every Friday and Saturday, from March 24 to April 15, the Cabane Festive renews with its gourmet sugar suppers. An 8-course menu is offered under the sign of authenticity, but with a little rustic and, let’s say it, festive touch. This log village has nearly 70 rental cabins, offering several winter activities: snowmobiling, dog sledding, fatbike, ice skating, snowshoeing, sliding and more. Please note that the sugar supper is reserved exclusively for adults.

325, rang Saint-Jacques, Sainte -Christine-d'Auvergne, Portneuf

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