The administration Trump dismissed the prosecutor who had been investigating the president’s close associates

L'administration Trump limoge le procureur qui enquĂȘtait sur les proches du prĂ©sident

The administration Trump has fired on Saturday, a federal prosecutor in Manhattan that had been investigating close to the us president and refused to resign, the last stroke of theater date in an arm wrestling spectacular that has caused the outrage of the democrats.

A federal prosecutor in Manhattan since 2018, appointed by the administration Trump, Geoffrey Berman had overseen the indictment of Michael Cohen, ex-lawyer staff of the billionaire new yorker.

Fell late Friday night, the surprise announcement of his resignation by the american minister of Justice had caused an outcry among the critics of Donald Trump, but also the unease among some of its allies.

Shortly after, Geoffrey Berman had said he had “no intention” of leaving his post and to have learned of his departure with the statement of the minister William Barr. “I have not resigned,” he pointed out.

“Because you said that you had no intention to resign, I asked the president to send you back today, and he did,” responded the minister in a letter on Saturday. Mr. Berman has subsequently confirmed, in a press release that he would be leaving his duties ” immediately “.

The minister did not mince his words in his letter to the prosecutor.

“With your release last night, you have chosen the public spectacle rather than for the public service “, he judged. “It is well established that a federal prosecutor appointed by a court may be returned by the president “.

After a confession flops, Mr. Cohen had been sentenced to three years in prison in December 2018 to have bought the silence of two former lovers allegedly of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign of 2016, in violation of electoral laws, cheated on his taxes and lied to Congress.

Geoffrey Berman also conducted the survey on the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, the current attorney staff to the president, and two of his associates to discredit Joe Biden, today’s democratic opponent Mr. Trump for the presidential election in November.

And the prosecutor had been investigating the affairs of Rudy Giuliani himself.

Loaded in addition to the investigation on the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the federal prosecutor has publicly accused at the beginning of June the prince Andrew to pretend to cooperate in this issue of the sexual exploitation of underage girls.

The administration Trump hopes to replace the attorney by Jay Clayton, the present head of the gendarme american stock (DRY).


The surprise announcement of the departure of Mr. Berman “late Friday night reeks of the potential obstacle” to justice, ” thundered the leader of the opposition democratic party in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

“What is it that puts the president Trump angry? A previous action of the prosecutor, or an action in progress? “he questioned, before asking Mr Clayton to withdraw his candidacy.

In the House of representatives, controlled by democrats, the chairman of the judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler has accused William Barr have already taken the barrier on several occasions ” to criminal investigation, for the account of Trump “.

In a press release, the commission announced that it would ” immediately open an investigation into this incident, in the framework of a wider investigation about the unacceptable politicization by Barr of the department of Justice “. Two whistleblowers will testify on Wednesday about this, she said.

The administration Trump has sacked several officials in charge of overseeing government action.

The predecessor of Mr. Berman, Preet Bharara, who had been fired after refusing to resign as requested by Mr. Trump, is questioned on Twitter: “Why a president getting rid of-t-he the attorney that he himself has chosen in the Southern district of New York on a Friday evening, less than five months from the election,” presidential election of November.

Among the allies of Donald Trump as the discomfort was palpable.

Republican senator Lindsey Graham, at the head of the judicial commission that would be tasked to review the appointment of Jay Clayton, has pointed out that he had not been advised of this replacement.

This ally of Donald Trump added that he would “as always” to the two senators of New York, by the democrats, to validate his appointment. Which, given the responses, condemns in advance.

To Jonathan Turley, a lawyer who had testified in Congress against the impeachment of Donald Trump, William Barr must “clearly explain” why he wanted to get rid of the attorney

The announcement late Friday ” is a serious error, which has magnified the concerns about the political motives behind this decision “, told AFP professor at George Washington university.

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