The adopted daughter of the captain smeared his chest with something white erotic photos

Приемная дочь Потапа намазала грудь чем-то беленьким, эротичное фото

Natasha Horova

today, 14:48

Daughter Irina Gorovoy, which is the ex-wife of rapper Alexey Potapenko, 20-year-old Natasha has long been observed in the adult party mom from the stepfather Mozgi Entertainment. Girl active user of Instagram, which often shares photos and thoughts about life. This time the beauty has shown a very interesting photo and asked followers an interesting question.

As can be seen, the girl took a picture of myself in the mirror in his room. It is evident that her sheer lace bra in white, which barely covers the chest. And if in the second picture a little beauty cut bust shot, the second could not hide and had to cover up the nipples in photoshop. Beauty hair dissolved and the two pictures they are different colors, first pink, then red, and her face a light makeup. In the caption to the photo Natasha asks: “how can I be ginger?”. And the followers did not leave without attention to this publication, the review began a lively discussion.

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