The adopted daughter of the captain spoke in defense of natural beauty: “the World wakes”

Приемная дочь Потапа выступала в защиту естественной красоты: "Мир приходит в себя"

Natasha Horova

today, 07:37

Natasha horova – 20-year-old daughter ex-wife of rapper Potap Irina Gorovoy. Girl active user of Instagram where she has tens of thousands of followers, whom she is happy bright staff of life. Recently she along with her mother and brother went to America, and then moved to Mexico, where she has managed to upload a few photos. However, the new post Natasha differs from the previous one – here she showed two photos, which shows “expectation/reality”.

As can be seen in the first picture the girl captured herself in the bathroom mirror. Her clothes only red panties and a short khaki top, tummy she obviously sucked and posing nicely. But in the second photo Natasha appeared in the same outfit, but sitting on the beach on a sun lounger and sipping a cocktail. And she sits so that you can clearly see the tummy with small folds. In the caption to the photo Natasha wrote about natural beauty: “Expectation and reality. Don’t believe the “ideal image,” girls from Instagram. I never found one of these on the beaches. Love yourself and show the real you! Finally the world comes to life and in a fashion back natural”.

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We will remind, earlier ex-wife Potap horova showed Nude photos with her daughter.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that smeshnyuchaya Kamensky seduces Italians long legs.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Kamensky was shining and rich forms in tiny bikini.

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