The advertisements of the products of vaping banned from public space

Les publicités de produits de vapotage bannies de l'espace public

OTTAWA | advertisements touting products of vaping will be gone from all public places canadians accessible to minors by the month of August.

The measure, contained in the Regulation on the promotion of the products of vaping, was announced Wednesday by the federal minister of Health and will take effect on 7 August.

“It will now be forbidden to advertise the products of vaping in public areas if it can be seen or heard by young people, whether in traditional stores or online, or in other media,” said Health Canada in a press release.

In addition, he will be prohibited from keep shelves of products vaping in shops accessible to children. Approved commercials will also need to include “a warning about the hazards of the products of vaping”, has enumerated the ministry.

The minister Patty Hajdu is hoping to “better protect a new generation of young Canadians from the hazards of the products of vaping”.


The quebec Coalition for tobacco control finds that Ottawa isn’t going far enough with its rules.

“The liberal government has chosen to continue to allow the videos in the bars and on web sites and social networks, “limited to” adults”, has denounced the organization, arguing that “any teenager a little bit smart” and can easily find these videos on the internet.

“There needs to be rules a lot more solid to make these products less attractive to young people – by banning flavours, and to make them less addictive – by limiting the levels of nicotine,” added the spokesperson and co-director of the Colaition, Flory Doucas

The Heart and stroke Foundation and the STROKE abounded in the same sense in claiming it as a better management of the rates of nicotine and a ban on flavors.

Health Canada has confirmed that it is studying the issue and a possible settlement could go as far as to “require the industry of vaping to provide information on its products, including sales, ingredients, and research and development activities”.

The vaping has constantly gained in popularity among young Canadians in the last few years. Statistics Canada had announced last December that 20 % of canadian students had ever tried an electronic cigarette in 2018-2019, compared to 10% in 2016-2017.

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