The agitators are not welcome in Québec city

Les agitateurs ne sont pas les bienvenus à Québec

The leaders of the rally which will be held Sunday in Quebec city in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the United States want to avoid any scene of mayhem.

Hundreds of people are expected in front of the national Assembly of 11 h to 13 h to support the movement Black Lives Matter (” the life of The Black account”), revived by the death of this American non-armed during a police response is controversial.

One of the organizers, Marjorie Laclotte-Shehyn, insists on the fact that the message is delivered, ” the more peacefully as possible.” “One can understand the anger and we can understand that there is a need for [the] outward show, but at the same time, it ruins the message,” says the 19 year old female student.

A week ago, acts of vandalism and looting committed by a small number of people have tarnished an event similar to Montreal.

That said, in this type of movement, the presence of agitators, even if it is not desired, always represents a ” probability “, recognizes it. Security guards, she said, will discourage any individual who would be ill-intentioned.


The spokesperson also explained that the message of the gathering is not only an echo of the death of George Floyd. The participants also want to denounce the racial profiling and discrimination against persons belonging to minorities, which, according to them, is still living in Quebec and even Quebec.

On Facebook, more than 3000 people argue that they will make. The event lasts two hours and will be mainly made up of speaking and no walk is on the schedule. Participants are invited to wear a mask and to keep at a distance from the other as possible.

“We really want to show that it is a kingdom, that you are black, aboriginal, muslim, latino or white. This is not an event that wants to be only for those who are racialized, we really want to include everyone, ” says Ms. Laclotte-Shehyn.

Elsewhere in Quebec

Other events will take place on the same topic in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Rimouski.

In the metropolis, the director of the police Department of the City of Montreal, Sylvain Caron, has been submitted to and withdraw an invitation to participate in a rally, in 24 hours. “Unfortunately I have to cancel the invitation [made] the head of the police. The citizens are [terrified] to the idea that he is there. This is the result when one loses confidence in an institution that was supposed to be there for us [to secure], who has chosen to brutalize “, can we read in a publication on Facebook that is shared by the League of Black new generation and the police.

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