The aircraft carrier during the Second world war found in the Pacific ocean, ” the Chronicle of world events

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The aircraft carrier was sunk in 1942.

The dive team which has been assembled by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, found at the bottom of the Pacific famous American aircraft carrier during world war II USS Wasp. As reported by Popular mechanics, the ship was found at a depth of 4200 metres under water, reports the with reference to

The construction of the carrier began in 1936, and for water it was lowered in 1939. In 1940, the ship was included in the U.S. Navy, and in 1942 gave the British fighters “Spitfire” from the UK to Malta.

In September 1942, the aircraft, which was based aboard the aircraft carrier, covered the allied forces during the battle in the Pacific. The Japanese army fired six torpedoes, three of which were in Wasp. In less than an hour the captain of the carrier gave the order to abandon ship, which sank after eight hours. In the battle killed and injured 176 366 from the 2162 crew.

Earlier, a team of archaeologists have already found several sunken aircraft carriers, for example, in February, was found “hornet”. Now, however, they discovered the USS Wasp. The ship was found on 13 January in the coral sea, between Australia and New Guinea. The team continues searching and waiting for new discoveries.


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