The album, which has allowed Deep Purple to take off

L’album qui a permis à Deep Purple de décoller

In June 1969, singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover were making their debut with Deep Purple. An association that will allow the mythical training to reach your peak in terms of popularity. In Rock, the first fruit of this collaboration, is 50 years old.

In Rock, it is this album with the cover where the members of the group of hard rock british appear carved in the stone of mount Rushmore, to the place of the american presidents, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

An album on which we find the titles Speed King, Flight of the Rat and the inevitable’ Child in Time’.

In Rock was launched on 3 June 1970. This is the fourth album of the quintet, uk, consisting of Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice.

Opus 43 minutes is qualified, by several, as being the first milestone of hard rock music or heavy metal. An album and a sound that would influence several generations of musicians.

The voice of Gillan

Gillan, bassist Roger Glover and drummer Ian Paice are always a part of Deep Purple. The training must be launched, on 7 August, a 21st studio album entitled” Whoosh !

Popular in Canada and the United States, In Rock has allowed Deep Purple to stand out at home, in the United Kingdom. An album that has defined this training.

In Rock has climbed up to the fourth position of the top british and up in first place in Austria and in Germany.

The powerful voice of Gillan is becoming a signature of the formation with the solos and “riffs” guitar of the legendary Ritchie Blackmore, the bass of Glover, and the Hammond of Jon Lord.

“For me, In Rock will always be the best album of Deep Purple. Because it is the core of where we come from,” said Roger Glover, in an interview.

Child in Time

Speed King, which opens the album, reveals the new colors of the training. These are the first lyrics written by Ian Gillan, who was inspired by the lyrics of songs of Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry.

Child in Time is the other key piece of this album. This classic, with a total of 10 minutes, was composed in the context of the cold war. It discusses the war, and inhumanity.

Highlight at the concerts of the training, we found a superb version of this piece, the show, on the album Made in Japan, recorded two years after its release in Osaka, Japan.

Child in Time is a title that is very demanding vocally, and Deep Purple had not played since 2002.

The magazine Kerrang ! classified In Rock in 15th place in its list of the best albums of heavy metal of all time, published in 1989.

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