The ambience of a camp fire for Kevin Parent

Une ambiance de feu de camp pour Kevin Parent

A beautiful summer evening, of the familiar songs and the ambience of a camp fire, Kevin Parent has successfully passed the test of the show-mode ciné-parc.

The author-composer and interpreter of gaspésie was passing on the edge of the river, on Sunday at the Baie-de-Beauport, with its third of five performances on the occasion of the tour TD musiparc.

It is in the form of a trio, with the cellist Marianne Croft and drummer Michel Roy, he has revisited the key pieces from his repertoire and also some new ones in a show, delivered in an acoustic style in front of a hundred cars.

He has also launched his performance with the new small Pars with me that he has launched, a few weeks ago.

“It was a beautiful evening. The sky is beautiful “, he launched.

The cellist Marianne Croft, hair, magenta, brings interesting colors. We were able to see during The chat , and also in the inescapable Lord of his album clay Pigeon, launched 25 years ago. Croft and drummer Michel Roy also added their voices.

In an interview last week, Kevin Parent confessed that he was not aware of what we could do in terms of delivery mode ciné-parc. He believed that it was necessary to enhance the acoustics in opposition to a way more electric than it was possible to do so. Information that he would have liked. This has not prevented very well make it.

Like an orchestra conductor, Kevin Parent dictates and directs the musicians, initiating jams, and grooves on the fly, as he did in the Father on the Go , and Mother of the Child where Marianne Croft has made beautiful vocalizations. It leaves a lot of room to his two musicians.

The “buddies” of the K-Mart

During a segment of the two songs in English, Kevin Parent has suggested that people who don’t like to pay attention to the cello.

“They can even change their position,” said the drummer, Michel Roy, was in reference to the frequency FM of the concert.

A segment where he has a little lost a little before returning his world with Boomerang and his buddies “ben comedy ben and smattes” that you buy at K-Mart, Ado Maso and Cursed jealousy.

The crowd insisted and claimed, blows of the horns, a last reminder that he will not have had.

Kevin Parent has two concerts to offer by the end of this tour. It will be in Bromont Thursday and Mercier Friday.

The series TD musiparc continues Wednesday with the benefits of Roxanne Bruneau (Baie-de-Beauport), Matt Lang (Bromont), Les Denis Drolet (Gatineau), Marc Dupré (Mercier) and the duo of Dominic and Martin (ICAR, Mirabel).

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