The American astronaut has told about the unusual creature in space

Американский астронавт рассказал о необычном существе в космосе

The man says that he saw a strange creature aboard a space ship.

Former astronaut of NASA said that during the mission he noticed on the space Shuttle alien creature that had signs of life. The body looks like a jellyfish, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

As noted by Leland Melvin, a creature was hiding in the payload Bay, it was translucent, amorphous and flexible. Of revelation 54-year-old astronaut was followed by a tweet, during a conversation with K. Waringo – Manager of the website UFO Sightings Daily.

Melvin wanted to tell about their observations on the ship “Atlantis” on the radio “Houston, we have a problem”, but the statement would have caused a lot of questions, began to be a madhouse. Also at the time, astronaut colleagues didn’t say anything to the control Center in order for the mission was not abandoned.

The other astronaut believes that he saw regular ice formed from water spilled from broken pipes of freon. These tubes cool the cargo compartment of the spacecraft.

Американский астронавт рассказал о необычном существе в космосе

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