The american Blacks quite committed?

Les Noirs américains assez déterminés?

Since the death of George Floyd I have written several posts dealing with the events and claims of the black community. I have also stated on a few occasions that Joe Biden has to hold back a colistière outcome of this minority.

Almost every time that I approach the segregation and discrimination to which Black americans have been and still are victims, there is someone to comment on that in 2020, if Black does not succeed better, it is because they do not take their responsibilities.

This old myth of individual success has the hard life. Understand me well, little important our origins, we are the first artisans of our success and our happiness. But the sum of our work and natural talent explains seldom. We should have long since understood that what we call the american dream is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. This is true for the whole population, but even more for the black community.

Ever since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the company was also unequal. But don’t believe me on word, several surveys and government data to support this sad reality.

According to the federal Reserve of the United States, the department of Commerce and Labour, the wealth gap between Whites and Blacks is the result of hundreds of years of racism and inequality. Regardless of individual efforts or personal choice, the gap can not be filled.

Agree straight away that the government services mentioned are not, pressure groups and progressive that they are little influenced by what the president now calls the extreme radical left and violent. We report a portrait of the cumulation of decades of government statistics collected as well as administrations, republican as democrats.

This morning the site Axios déboulonnait a dozen myths about the anticipated correlation between personal initiative and success. Axios is based on government data or independent studies. It also reports the data of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity.

I dealt with a few examples to support my point. It is generally believed that the more one studies, the more one improves his or her fate. Not to mention the access to higher education more difficult for the black community, it will be found in the table below that this is only after you have a college education that a black family reaches the income of a white family whose parents do not have a diploma of secondary level.

Another example before you leave and relay the entirety of the study mentioned here. If the black community began more vigorously to the entrepreunatiat, it would make up for the delay. The reality? There are a lot of entrepreneurs from the black community, but they must overcome more obstacles than any other group in american society, not only that the entrepreneurs of the white community.

What Axios reports this morning should be known to the general public, all of these data are accessible and it confirms for a long time through which the black community in america is too often the victim. The complaints are well-founded, but the situation persists.

More than ever in the past few years, the situation is volatile and the protests increased. Before you throw oil on the fire as the fact the current administration, it seems to me appropriate to inform the public of the reality. A holistic approach to teaching seems to me appropriate and various u.s. government departments already have the statistics for the contents of the folder.

Before you denounce the KKK, QAnon, the movement Woke or the so-called radical left, or Antifa, there is a simpler way to address the issue : present the facts.

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