The american economy has created 4.8 million jobs in June, a record

L’économie américaine a créé 4,8 millions d’emplois en juin, un record

The american economy has created 4.8 million jobs in June (a record about a month) thanks to the reopening of shops, bars and restaurants, which has led to a decrease in unemployment larger than expected, announced on Thursday that the department of Labor.

The unemployment rate amounted to 11.1 % compared with 13.3 % in may. The analysts themselves were expecting a rate of 12.6 %.

“These improvements reflect the continued recovery in economic activity which had been interrupted in march and April in an effort to contain the pandemic of sars coronavirus,” said the ministry in a press release.

He adds that ” the employment in the sectors of leisure and hospitality have increased sharply “. “Employment gains notables” were also recorded in retail trade, education, health services, as well as in the professional services sector and commercial.

This rate, however, remains still far from the record low before the pandemic COVID-19, recorded in February (+3.5 per cent).

In addition, layoffs recorded in march and April have been so massive that the creations of jobs recorded in may and June still leave tens of millions of Americans without work.

In addition, it is difficult to conclude that the labour market is recovering from the shock wave caused by the pandemic Covid-19 since the data were collected during the first half of the month, that is to say, before the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 in the United States.

A sign that employment remains at the money, the new applications for weekly unemployment benefits were $ 1,427 million last week, ending June 27. This number is higher than the projections of analysts (1,355), according to a separate release from the Labor department.

The number is slightly down compared to the previous week, but only because the numbers of the previous week were revised up to 1,482 million.

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