The American has hit the jackpot in the lottery in its two birthdays

Американец сорвал джек-пот в лотерее благодаря двум своим дням рождения

An American resident of Maryland, whose name was not disclosed, had hit the jackpot in the lottery Multi-Match. 79-year-old retiree has won $ 1.9 million. This happened thanks to two of his birthdays. According to UPI, in official documents the date of his birth was incorrectly listed as 23 April, although actually he was born on the 21st. In the lottery ticket he marked both dates. And won.

“I was reading the paper and looked in the section where indicated the results of the lottery. When I saw the room, my eyes began to become more and more,” said lucky.

His wife, whom he told about his good fortune at first did not believe, thinking that he was joking. How to spend the money the pair have not decided yet.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of the Canada Ping Kuen Shum who won the lottery of two million dollars in his own birthday, which also coincided with the day of his retirement. “It’s incredible that these three events occurred in one day,” said a canadian of Chinese descent, who received an unexpected gift of fate.

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