The American has witnessed the flight of pterodactyls

Американец стал свидетелем полета птеродактилей

The man claims to have seen living dinosaurs.

A resident of Wisconsin named Kevin told his story in audiopodcast on a paranormal website, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

“October 4, 2011, I was returning from a party at home. I live in Northern Wisconsin. At the time it was late at night, about 2.30 and I was driving alone on an empty road.

Near the road is a plot with a grove of maple trees and a large pipeline. And there goes the gutter and here I am unsuccessfully swerved and drove into the ditch. When I left her, my bright headlights drew against the sky, two objects flying from West to East.

And it was two of the most real pterodactyl!

It couldn’t be anything else and when I saw it I immediately thought that I will never be able to tell anyone about it, no one would believe me. And in my head flashed “Wow, I better stop for the night, I slept too long”.

It was 4 October and the sky was a bright moon, so I am very well reviewed two of their silhouette. I do not remember, whether there was a full moon, but the Moon shone very much. Also my headlights also light them until I finally went back down the road.

But surprise, I also felt fear. These things were flying low, at a height of about 50 feet (15 meters), below the level of the trees, but they were flying very fast, the speed was cruising.

(At this point, host of the podcast Clive Lewis asked Kevin as he realized that it was a pterodactyl, not just a big bird).

I immediately saw on their heads elongated long education, sticking out at an angle of 45 degrees. And wingspan they were about 40 feet (12 meters). The largest birds in our area this is the cranes, but they do not have such growths on their heads and a wingspan of much less. We are on lake superior, inhabited by swans, but they don’t fit what I saw.

For a long time I didn’t tell anyone about what he saw, people would think I’m nuts. I’ve seen some of these pterodactyls alone in the car with me was my dog, but she unfortunately does not speak (laughs).

But since I can’t get that image out of my head all the time going quick passage in the light of the moon and the headlights of my car. And all the time convinced that I saw what I saw”.

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