The Americans are far from having flattened the curve

Les Américains sont loin d’avoir aplati la courbe

While the pandemic continues and accelerates in the ” united red “, an alarmingly high proportion of Americans, their president at the head, as if it was finished. This is not finished.

Today with over 125, 000 deaths, our neighbours to the south are away to have flattened the curve : the cases, hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise in half of the States.

The problem is that the virus multiplies in areas where you have to take seriously a president who has already turned the page.

Pandemic policy

In the United States, this pandemic has strong political connotations. In a country where everything seems to have become subject to divisions partisan, this kind of collective threat could be an exception, but no.

Individualism, distrust of the State and scepticism towards scientific expertise are traits prevalent in american culture that impede the fight against sars coronavirus. If the republicans do not have a monopoly on these traits, it is in this party they are most pronounced.

At the beginning, the virus has mostly struck areas that are predominantly democrat. Travel to regions republican complicates things. Difficult to apply measures of alienation in an environment where it is believed that these measures are a tool of social control in the hands of bureaucrats harmful.

Trump does not help

Even more difficult to fight against a pandemic when the head of State, motivated by a narrow conception of its interest policy staff, multiplies the gestures that promote the spread of the virus.

We remember that Trump has tragically delayed the measures of social distancing in February because he feared the political fallout of an economic slowdown.

He now acts as if the pandemic was a thing of the past, by holding rallies interiors where thousands of people crowd without protection, by discouraging the wearing of the mask, and declaring the wish for a reduction of the screening tests because the increase in the number of cases the fact look bad.

From bad to worse

It is far from being finished. While the areas where the virus has struck in the first struggle to get out of it, new foci of infection are in areas where control measures are very well perceived and where it gives faith to the blindness irresponsible of the president.

For him, it is imperative that the economy runs at full speed until the fall. This illusion is his only lifeline policy.

Trump seems to be making fun of the count of deaths. Even if the total victims of double or triple, it will have the indecency to shout victory. It is also probably on the “providence” for a vaccine to be approved just before the election by ” his ” administration, with or without the precautions normally required.

Quebec is not out of the woods with the COVID-19, but if there is a country that shows us the example not to follow, it is that of Donald Trump.

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