The Americans made a surprising discovery in an abandoned factory. Video

Американцы сделали удивительную находку на заброшенном заводе. Видео

The premises found a forgotten machine 1927 model year.

Packard Six in picking Suite the 1927 edition was discovered on the territory of an abandoned factory in Philadelphia (USA), according to the with reference to AvtoVod.

The car was left by owner of the factory, where it has stood since 1974 until the discovery last month. The car was parked there for 45 years.

The history of this car begins in 1927, when it was bought by the first owner.

Next (aka last) owner purchased it in the 40s. In operation Packard was 10 years, and then broke down and about 25 years stood in the garage, and then was some reason transported to the plant.

Mileage Packard Six was only 16 thousand kilometers.

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