The anger in Portland avivée by the presence of federal agents

La colère à Portland avivée par la présence d’agents fédéraux

Walking in front of a huge crowd of protestors marching in the us city of Portland, Teal Lindseth punctuated with ardor slogans in a megaphone.

“Tell me what it looks like democracy ! “says the 21-year-old. “This is what it looks like democracy ! “the reply was” protesters, whose cries are passed to echo by the tall buildings of the largest city in the State of Oregon, to the north-west of the country.

The determination of the protesters was reinvigorated by sending, at the initiative of the government of Donald Trump, to federal agents having been instructed to restore order, if need to way muscular.

The anger of the street, however, was in the process of appeasement at the beginning of July in Portland where, as in many other cities in the United States, a movement of protest against racism and police violence was triggered by the death at the end of may in Minneapolis to George Floyd, during his arrest by a white policeman.

All that changed when landed the federal police, known as the “soldiers of Trump” by Kate Brown, the governor a democrat from Oregon.


In many videos posted on the social networks, we see these agents in paramilitary outfit, and without a badge visible for identification, use of unmarked vehicles to confront protesters.

This has again fanned the embers of ire popular. Thousands of protesters gather every evening to Portland and scuffles broke out systematically with federal agents.

These men, deployed by the department of homeland Security –a body that had been created to avoid the repetition of the attacks of September 11, 2001– have resorted to tear gas, rubber bullets or stun grenades to disperse the crowds.

“We may be right or left, I think, here in the North-West side of the Pacific, it is very opposed to the occupation of the streets by the federal authorities,” says Carlos, a protester black scrolling in the middle of the crowd.

“If you send federal troops here, you do enrage the entire region,” he adds.

Typically, an evening in Portland begins with rallies and marches in the arteries, which businesses protect their storefronts with planks, ends in clashes, demonstrators beaten or targets of tear gas.

On the side of the police, there are reports of illegal acts on the part of the protesters who throw stones and bottles in the direction of the forces of law and order, also blinded by the torches lasers.

Criticizing the “anarchists and agitators” in Portland, Donald Trump has made his intention to send federal agents in other american cities such as Chicago, in a context of resurgence of urban crime.

This threat, in particular justified by the need to protect the federal buildings, has resulted in the conviction of the mayors are democrats in these cities.

“Go home”

Among the video images are striking in Portland is a sequence where we see two federal agents break out of an unmarked van and grab a protester who was backing up with their hands in the air.

In another video that shocked, a woman completely nude and the pacific is the target of tear gas.

On several occasions, federal agents have responded very muscular to the protest, triggering growing calls for their withdrawal from the city, condensed in the slogan: “The federal go home “.

But the protesters have vowed to continue their mobilization, joined notably by a group to bring together the mothers of the family.

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