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The Anti-Racist Museum

The Anti-Racism Museum


I often tell you that “Diversity pays off”. 

I regularly tell you about these high-paying positions in the management of the diversity and inclusion, in the cultural milieu (Telefilm, NFB, Radio-Canada, etc.).

Well the National Gallery of Canada, a federal crown corporation, comes opening a vacancy…and it takes the crown in terms of gibberish woke.


July 14, the NGC has opened a position of “Director, Anti-Racism and Inclusion” which will report to the “Chief Strategy and Inclusion Officer” within the “Department of Strategic Transformation and Inclusion”. 

But what will this job consist of, which requires 37 hours of work per week? 

“Supporting the preparation and implementation of the NGC's action plan for justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (JEDI&A) focused on eliminating racism and oppression.”

Damn! The oppression ! In 2022, in the world of museums, there is not only racism… but oppression!

But beware ! That's not all ! Don't think our future “Director, Anti-Racism and Inclusion,” reporting to the “Chief Strategy and Inclusion Officer,” is going to twiddle their thumbs.

He or she “must also work as part of the team responsible for implementing the NGC's accessibility framework and collaborate with the Indigenous Pathways and Decolonization division. This collaboration should serve as a model of inclusive practice by adopting an intersectional lens.”

He or she won't twiddle their thumbs, I'll pass you a note. He or she “must also be focused on eliminating systemic racism by determining meaningful actions that address all barriers and disadvantages.”

It can be said that he/she will have plenty to do, ladies and gentlemen! “His duties include, but are not limited to, the development of organizational strategies, systems, programs, metrics, education sessions and training workshops.”

Workshops training? Sure ! This is why in the qualities and experience required for the position, it is specified that “having experience in training trainers is an asset”.

To complete his task, “in collaboration with senior management and various others, the incumbent must support and inform the decision-making process in order to improve and reinforce an anti-racism culture based on the principles of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural change.”

Don't think we're going to hire just anyone for this strategic position, what am I saying?

It takes someone who has “an excellent understanding of theories and practices of anti-oppression, decolonization, anti-racism, intersectionality, or intersectional feminism; 7 to 10 years of experience with them; and the ability to put knowledge into practice.”

Did you notice? This is a job posting for the National Gallery of Canada, the most important collection of works of art in the country. 

But nothing in the posting does talk about art knowledge…


Will you be the rare pearl? You will have “a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package”. Competitive is an understatement. This position is paid from $90,961 to $123,067 per year.

Yes. Our direct.eur.tri.ce should not be oppressed. 

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