“The apartment”: the end of the tenancy

«L’appartement»: fin de colocation

MONTREAL – The adventure is over for the five roommates of The apartment. In the last few episodes of the series-reality, Sarah-Maude, Pierre-Alexandre, Shadlyne, Thomas and Loïc lead their projects to term (or not) and make their farewell… not without a few heartbreaks!

“Shaking a lot”, said Simon Sachel, designer, writer and director, to summarize the tone of these nine ultimate half-hour of The apartment, that Club illico will unveil Thursday.

These are in addition to the first ten episodes, which had already been put online on the platform in the beginning of the year.

“The roommate, it often begins well, and it always ends up less well (laughs). In their case, this is exactly what happened. It ends a little more tough, but it is representative of what they have experienced. There is a lot more emotion in the second block. Some don’t want to even talk to each other, in the gang! (laughter)”

Fates curly

The fate of the participants in the early twenties of The apartment, all native speakers of a region and installed in Montreal for the needs of the program (which is located somewhere half-way between the reality and the fiction), is thus loops – télévisuellement speaking – in this second part.

Their arrival in their temporary home – an apartment rented for them by the production for a period of one year, each had a project to complete and had to accomplish the steps to get there, under the eye of the camera.

Sarah-Maude aspired to become a model, Thomas wanted to pierce the midst of the humor, Loïc wanted to enlarge his production company video, Shadlyne ambition was to carve out a niche in the media world and find love and Pierre-Alexandre hoped to complete its transition to being a woman. In the course of experience, they have all discovered the attractions of the big city, with what it offers possibilities and excess.

Failures, successes, friendships forged, and then broken, confrontations, prospects for the future: everything is shown on the screen, ensured Simon Sachel. The change of sex of the extravagant Pierre-Alexandre, among other things, does not run smoothly.

“As in any good co-location, it is yelled at them because so-and-so has not picked up his dishes, or because one has frenché the other!”, illustrated by Simon Sachel laughed.

And the COVID…

The shooting of this second part of The Apartment took place from January to march, and then in early summer. The team has had to deal with the headache of social distancing.

The candidates are returned to their homes when the government imposed the confinement, of the images that have been included in the series. The COVID-19 has even thwarted the plans of Thomas and Loïc, who wished to return to live together.

Club illico has not yet declared if a second chapter of The apartment will be rotated with other faces. Simon Sachel considers that there are matters to mitonner a second version of the concept, which has been very popular among teenagers, he said.

“Thomas has an account TikTok, who are made to 50 000 followers. For the participants, it has exploded. The clientele of The apartment is much younger than that ofdouble-Occupancy, for example. This is the same public that The Skids and The Academy.”

You can also watch the full The apartment on Club illico, starting this Thursday.

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