The approach Bonhâme: align the body, heart, and spirit

L’approche Bonhâme: aligner le corps, le cœur et l’esprit

Coach specialized in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Laval Nathalie Hamelin has developed an original and interesting way to help people get rid of their fears, their limitations and their negative beliefs to flourish in life. With the approach Bonhâme (man + soul), which she dissects in her new book, she provides one more tool to transform.

After many years of study, experimentation and research, including the viewing of thousands of hours of video to examine the gestures of the people, Nathalie Hamelin has developed this approach.

“It is an approach that integrates the four powers of the soul : the body, the heart, science and spirituality,” explains Nathalie Hamelin, in an interview. After having a breakdown at the age of 15 years, confined for four months, she became interested in ways to get better, especially in the middle of his readings.

The approach Bonhâme
Nathalie Hamelin
Les Éditions de l’homme, 176 pages”>

The approach Bonhâme
Nathalie Hamelin
Les Éditions de l’homme, 176 pages

“I realized that there was energy, there was a power that lived in me and that it needed to connect to, she says. Already, I began to focus my attention on the energy moving in me, to start to get better and understand what were my resistance. I was a young girl a strong, vibrant, very independent, and I wondered how it was that this was happening in my life. “

Over the years, she realized that her body spoke to her, and strong. And the gestures, words and emotions were intimately linked. “It is necessary to find an energy consistent. By studying NLP in 2005, I realized that we perceive our reality through our five senses : the visual, the auditory, the kinesthetic, the olfactory and the gustatory. The energy of the soul is our sixth sense – intuition. “


The emotions dwell at certain levels of the body and in this approach, Nathalie Hamelin uses the figure known to the “stickmen” in order to better navigate. This guy, ” she explains in the book, becomes a reference to calibrate and align the different levels of consciousness (environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs, values, identity, meaning).

One can somehow “weakening” of the beliefs or their impact by working both on the words, the gestures, and on the five senses. “The technique is liberating Bonhâme allows you to unload the emotional charges that have been encoded relative to a negative experience in our life. It’s going to go remove all the mental patterns that have been attributed to this experience. ”

Less resistance

She preferred to speak of transformation rather than change. “People are allow to lower the resistance barrier and go to connect to them, in their authenticity, and their deep essence. People understand, it actually links to drivers in their lives and everything comes to work together. This is what makes the power of this approach. “

Since people have lived – and still live – a lot of strong emotions related to the crisis of the Covid-19, and the containment, Nathalie
Hamelin– suggests to be very attentive to what is going on and what, perhaps, rises to the surface. “The approach— Bonhâme can help people by allowing them to know what their 10 or 15 words-roots, which have a link with the values, identity and meaning. “

The five steps are to follow in his approach. “It is necessary to first connect – so breathe deeply in the belly. Then, it is necessary to be observed in the love and unconditional acceptance. “Then, it is necessary to see what happens on the seven levels of consciousness and values. The three last steps are to make ” clean inside “, and release, allowing yourself to be yourself and be finally.

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