The army helps Quebec in the vaccination campaign

The army is helping Quebec in the vaccination campaign

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For the second time since the start of the pandemic, the Government of Quebec will receive assistance from the Canadian Armed Forces. The soldiers, who had been deployed in CHSLDs the first time, will be called upon this time to accelerate the vaccination campaign, primarily in the Montreal region. & Nbsp;

“We have indeed received confirmation from the federal government and planning work is continuing with a view to deploying resources,” said Louis-Julien Dufresne, press secretary to Minister Geneviève Guilbeault. & nbsp;

“This work is led by the Department of Health and Social Services, which determines priority sites with the Canadian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Public Security acts as a support coordinator for government action in civil security. We are confident that the personnel of the Armed Forces will be able to help our vaccination operations in the coming days, ”he added. & nbsp;

According to the Minister of National Defense of Canada, Anita Anand, up to 200 members of the Armed Forces could be deployed in Quebec. & nbsp;

“Omicron has caused a significant increase in cases in Quebec and across the country. They will support the vaccination campaign by carrying out planning, logistics and vaccination tasks, ”she communicated via Twitter earlier. & nbsp;

To begin with, the military will be deployed only in the Montreal region. & nbsp;

“Our reconnaissance teams are carrying out an assessment of the current situation to identify specific needs. When the reconnaissance is complete, we will be able to deploy the appropriate number of troops to locations targeted by the province. Soldiers could receive their familiarization session tomorrow. For the moment, we are concentrating our efforts in the Montreal region at the request of the province, ”said Daniel Minden, press secretary to the Minister of National Defense. & nbsp;

This deployment follows the approval of the Quebec government's request for assistance by Public Safety Canada on December 31, 2021. The Canadian Armed Forces have been tasked with supporting the campaign of vaccination of the province for the 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Duties assigned to the Canadian Armed Forces could include welcoming people to vaccination centers, guiding people through the steps to get vaccinated, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and areas. & Nbsp;

“The Canadian Armed Forces and the provincial civil authorities are working closely together as they collaborated fruitfully in the past during Operations LENTUS for the floods or more recently during Operation LASER in CHSLDs”, he added. . & nbsp;

The mayors of the regions of Quebec where COVID-19 is hitting hard are also hoping to welcome reinforcements. & nbsp;

Saint-Georges Mayor Claude Morin, who has been in quarantine at his home since testing positive, is ready to take whatever help is available. & nbsp;

“I would have thought at first that the aid would be more to support the hospital staff who are overwhelmed, but the services would be more geared towards vaccination. We will take all possible reinforcements if we want to get through this crisis as quickly as possible, ”he commented. & Nbsp;

Emergency plan & nbsp;

Mr. Morin, himself a former soldier, has not been idle, even ill, since he spoke with his teams Monday morning to refine the emergency plan to ensure the maintenance of essential services such as the aqueduct since the City is facing outbreaks among its staff. & nbsp;

“Unless there is a nuclear disaster, we are armored,” he said. & nbsp;

On December 21, the government of François Legault requested the assistance of the Armed Forces to help with the mass vaccination effort, judging that the epidemiological situation has reached a critical threshold in several regions of Quebec. & Nbsp;

“Community transmission is very worrying and the presence of the Omicron variant is causing an outbreak of COVID-19 cases,” Ms. Guilbeault said in a letter to Civil Protection Minister Bill Blair. “We ask for your support to carry out this large-scale deployment”, she added. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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