The arrest of a former british minister accused of rape

Arrestation d'un ex-ministre britannique accusé de viol

A former minister and current mp of the conservative party has been arrested following accusations of rape and sexual assault, according to police and the Sunday Times.

The name of the man of politics has not been revealed, but the metropolitan police said that it had opened an investigation following allegations of assault and sexual violence committed in four separate incidents, according to a press release.

“A fifty-year-old was arrested on Saturday, 1st August, on suspicion of rape. He was released on bail” and should appear in mid-August, says the police.

According to the newspaper Sunday Times, the charges were brought by a former assistant parliamentary and aimed at a top official of the conservative party, ex-minister and mp.

A spokesman for the conservative party, quoted by the news agency Press Association, stated that “accusations of this nature are taken extremely seriously”, but declined to comment further.

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