The arrest of demonstrators by agents of the u.s. federal scandals

L’arrestation de manifestants par des agents fédéraux américains fait scandale

LOS ANGELES | activists Of the rights of the individual and of elected officials in the us were strongly denounced Friday the arrest summary from the protesters, arrested on the streets of Portland, and taken away by federal agents circulating in unmarked vehicles.

“What is happening at this time in Portland should worry everyone in the United States”, launched Jann Carson, head of the powerful organisation of the defence of civil rights ACLU in Oregon, State in the north-west of the country.

“Usually, when you see people in cars that are not luxurious panels take to force someone in the street, this is called a kidnapping”, he added.

According to local media reports, federal agents circulate through the centre of Portland and arrest protesters without providing reasons since at least the 14th of July.

Mark Pettibone, 29, told the Washington Post how he had been detained by men in uniform khakis from a van civil which had stopped near him: “One would have said a film of horror or science-fiction.”

The young man said to have been brought in a federal court and later released without having been served with the grounds of his arrest and whether or not it was accused of a crime.

In a statement released Friday, the agency customs and border protection (CBP), which depends on the ministry of the Interior, u.s., has indicated that its agents had carried out the arrest after having “information” according to which Mark Pettibone was featured on a video where he was “suspected” to be taken physically to the agent, or to property of the government.

“When CBP officers approached the suspect, a crowd, imposing and violent and moved towards them. For the safety of all, the agents have quickly transferred the suspect to a more secure location for questioning,” said the agency AFP, ensuring that they were identified to be in good and due form, and wore the insignia of their organization.

Federal agents have been deployed to Portland in order to put an end to the protests every night in front of the federal tribunal of the city to protest against police brutality and racism.

The governor a democrat from Oregon, Kate Brown, has been criticized on Twitter the intervention of the government in the city.

“This comedy policy of the president, Trump has nothing to do with public safety,” he wrote.

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