The artist makes an “overdose” of her hits “Chocolate” and “Mafiosa” : “I can more”

Lartiste fait une "overdose" de ses tubes "Chocolat" et "Mafiosa" : "J'en peux plus"

The artist makes an “overdose” of her hits “Chocolate” and “Mafiosa” : “I can more”

In 2017 and 2018, the Artist tops with its tubes Chocolate and Mafiosa. The two pieces turned into a loop, and if some people continue to listen to it again today, the rapper, himself, can do no more. Good Ah ? Yes, yes. The interpreter of Peligrosa admit to even make it a “drug overdose”.

“I can listen”

I’m with my guy ‘tá tudo bem / E mafiosa, e mafiosa“, “This go’ I was killed / Murdered / Sexy, refined / Cho-cho-cho-chocolate“… Who has never danced or sung on Mafiosa in feat with Caroliina and Chocolate in feat with Awa Imani, of the Artist ? If you tell us no, we want to answer impossible, since these two pieces (the 400 and 317 million views on YouTube) are played everywhere during the summer of 2017 and summer of 2018.

Hard not to have heard at least once. Whoever has the most listened to these two tubes remains the same when the rapper. In fact, he too listened, as he confides in an interview with Tv Leisure : “I swear to you, I can’t take it anymore. I’m doing an overdose ! Overdose of Chocolate, an overdose of Mafiosa. I likes it always, but I can listen to it. I too sung.” Happens also to saturation of Peligrosa, the tube of the summer of 2019 ? In any case, the Artist is not the only one to do an overdose of his songs : Vegedream is also bored by his hit , Bring the cup home.

Artist of back with Bonda Baby

After the big success of Chocolate, Mafiosa , and his latest album “Latin Quarter Vol. 1”, the Artist has drawn, on the 18th of October, a new single called Bonda Baby (the word bonda means buttocks). Urban with a chorus of the catchy and effective, the piece highlights a woman with forms quite generous : “Let the twerke / In addition, gadji, she does it so well (…) It stuck to the bandits to dig the honda / Warning, there’s danger, she had pasted the honda / She has it all figured out, understood / She has released the bonda.

Artist – Bonda Baby

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