The artist pic to the court for Ariana Grande because her music video God Is A Woman

Художник подал в суд на Ариану Гранде из-за ее клипа God Is A Woman

Music video Ariana Grande gain hundreds of millions of YouTube views thanks to songs, outright insults the singer and interesting artistic solutions

In one of these clips for the song God Is A Woman Hey maybe facing trial because of Russian artist Vladimir Kush intends to prove the fact of illegal use of his work in the video and ban its distribution.

In documents filed in court, Kush claims that the moment when the singer is dancing within the flame of a candle on a background of clouds, is the exact copy of his paintings. In 1999 and 2000 he wrote “leaf Candle” and “Candle 2”.

“Although there are many ways to portray a woman who dances under the wick of a candle, even with the celestial background, the defendants had clearly copied the idea from Kush. They used the same color palette, same background of the cloudy sky, the same effect of ring of clouds around the flame, the same rays of light emanating from the candle and going into the darkness,” reads the complaint.

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